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Kentucky Derby Party!

Kentucky Derby Party!

Sierra Nevada
Saturday, May 5, 2018 - 10:00am to Sunday, May 6, 2018 - 12:00pm

What a rollicking time we had while watching the Kentucky Derby run - before, during and after! The day started from the Mercedes Benz dealership in Reno. The partygoers were all in cheerful moods and ready to hit the road right on time at 10:00. It was noted that the staff at the dealership manages to maintain their sunny disposition despite the drastic remodeling project they have underway!

The relaxing drive afforded views of the Truckee River, mountains, and valleys that show signs of once being underwater - fascinating and beautiful! Our first stop was The Cowpoke Cafe in Lovelock with 'Nevada friendly' people and great food! We would wholeheartedly recommend a stop in this pretty little town! If you stop, don't miss the park where people in love leave a lock commemorating their visit - you will see hundreds of them!

When our drive resumed, we were treated to changes in the mountain ranges, higher elevations with evidence of recent snow accumulations, Rye Patch Reservoir and State Recreation Area which was quite full of water and is known as a wonderful spot to rock hounders and Jackson Mountain outside of Winnemucca. Literally breathtaking!

Upon arrival at the Winnemucca Hotel and Casino, we were greeted with the loveliest gift bags provided by the management! They sure know how to make a group feel welcome! Everyone got into the Derby Spirit with fun hats! Gary Dyer went all out with hat and tie to add to the festive mood! Marc and Sue Dodson generously provided special Mint Julips - emphasis on the 'MINT' and the 'LIP'! They also offered an array of appetizers and snacks which helped put everyone in a festive mood! There was some good-natured competition, jeering and cheering during the race - with Marc taking home the prize after 'choosing' the winning horse! Actually, they printed up the names of all entries and had everyone draw from a hat. Somehow, Marc still took credit for having the foresight to choose the winner! Hmm . . .

After all that excitement, we retired to our rooms to freshen up for dinner. Marc and Sue arranged for the hotel shuttle to transport us to The Martin Hotel Restaurant, which is basque. It truly was the most delicious basque meal ever!!! After dinner, a group opted to walk back to the hotel and encountered a Rat-Rod show accompanied by music, food, and dancing!

Sunday morning we gathered for breakfast at a fabulous restaurant called The Griddle! Once again - great food, great people, and great service! Everyone then headed home, contented and happy after a weekend with friends!

Make sure to take time to join us on our next Club adventure!