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Letter from the President - Change of Board Members

Letter from the President - Change of Board Members

Sierra Nevada
Tuesday, November 1, 2016 - 5:00pm


Passing the Torch

N e w O f f i c e r s & N e w E v e n t s 

As the past two years come to an end, I look back at all of the exciting drives, restaurants, shows, plays, musicals, sports events, resorts and our informative tour of the Frey distillery. I  want to thank all club members, especially those who chaired our social events. To my fellow officers, thank you for your support in allowing me to reign for the past two years as your President. It has been a challenging, interesting and rewarding experience and I would do it again - maybe in a couple of years, Ha!

   Now I would like to look ahead to 2017 and the responsible team of devoted officers for the coming year. On October 11th, the Board of Directors meeting was held. As a result of this meeting, the nominating committee selected and the Board voted to approve the following slate of section officers:


President - Gary Dyer                                                                 Vice President - Bill Shepard                                                     Secretary - Sue Dodson                                                             Treasurer - LaVern Lipinski                                                       Immediate Past Pres - Donald Williams                                     Membership and Newsletter - Marc Dodson                             Director-at-Large - Patti Settember


Monthly dinner socials will continue on the first Tuesday of the month so members can get better acquainted and sample various menus at different restaurants.

NOVEMBER 1st: Skipolini's at 5:30 p.m. located in the Summit Shopping Center adjacent to BJ's.                                            

NOVEMBER 12th: "The Little Mermaid" show and dinner. Please see details in your newsletter.                                        

DECEMBER 6th: First Tuesday Dinner Social, location TBD, 5:30 p.m.  

DECEMBER 16th: Sierra Nevada Section Christmas Party - see details in your newsletter.

   I would like to acknowledge Fred Giffels for his dedication to meeting our sections's obligation in maintaining the MB Gull Wing (at the National Automobile Museum). Several times this year he has been the only SNMBCA member at the wax and shine event. For all of you that have contributed to the activities and events for our club I offer my sincere thanks. To Marc Dodson and Gary Dyer for their continued support and efforts in helping to keep the club at it's peak performance. So, for now, I am passing the torch on to our Grand Master as we look forward to more exciting events and activities. I began with a Christmas Party and will end with a Christmas Party. 

Let's keep those Benz cruising.

Donald Williams                                                                        

Your Outgoing Prez