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Sierra Nevada Section Drive to Donner Lake CA

Sierra Nevada Section Drive to Donner Lake CA

Sierra Nevada
Saturday, September 10, 2016 - 10:00am


 It was a small but happy group leaving from the MB dealership in Reno to Donner Lake on Saturday September 10,... actually, Donner Lake Kitchen, to be exact! Our contingent consisted of Jim and Judy Covert, Patti Settember and Jerry, Gary and Mary.

Our fearless leader, Gary, started off the back way to reach Mt Rose Hwy.With the perfect weather we enjoyed, it is truly difficult to imagine it could have been any more beautiful! We were joined in Stateline by the Mighty Tokles - Bob and MaryAnn - from their home on the Lake. Then, onward to Donner.

Along the way, Gary wrote up a friendly little competition regarding local sites. Jim and Judy Covert won first place and a bottle of Gary’s favorite wine, Butter. Patti and Jerry won second place, winning what Gary described as “An invisible trophy, handmade by Mary!”.

Donner Lake Kitchen is clearly a local favorite if the number of people waiting to get in is any indication. We were told “Tourists Go Home!” even after we told them we were from Reno! Sheesh! Testy!

We are happy to report that the atmosphere, friendly staff and delicious food definitely made the wait worth while! Coffee cups and water glasses were never empty! Half of the group enjoyed breakfast dishes from Eggs Benedict, huevos, to waffles, while the other half enjoyed lunch items such as fajitas, hamburger, BLT with sprouts and avocado and a reuben. (Tip: the potato salad is out of this world!). Special thanks to our server Kelley, not only for her professionalism, being prepared for our arrival, but also for the excellent service and patience! We were definitely there to enjoy the camaraderie and conversation, which was shared in spades! We so enjoyed ourselves, it was apparent no one was in a tremendous hurry to break up the day.

Just then - to the rescue - The Mighty Tokles invited everyone to their home for an afternoon libation (including the bottle of Butter, thanks to the Covert’s generosity!) as well as to admire the re- model project of their clubhouse MaryAnn has put so much time and effort into!

The group was also treated to seeing the amazing work they put into remodeling their beautiful home! It is more than understandable why they enjoy spending as much time there as possible! Each couple finally headed home around 3:30 p.m. - all with contented smiles on their faces.

Thanks again to Gary Dyer for organizing a delightful day, to everyone who attended making it special, and to Bob and MaryAnn for their hospitality - forever more to be known as “The Mighty Tokles”!!